Monday, July 25, 2011

Catch Me

Catch me, will you?
As the earth crumble beneath me,
And i break up slowly.

Find me, will you?
As i wander always more breathless,
Bit by bit losing this soul you bless.

Hold me, will you?
As i fall from this painful clutch.
My hand craving for your touch.

So will you catch me?
Find me or walk away?
Hold me or let me fall?
Will you love me?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

For you my love

The blue sky on us can crumble,
And the earth may break apart,
Doesn’t matter if you’ll love me.
I don't care about the entire world,
As long as love will fill my days,
As long as my soul will quiver by hearing your voice,
I don’t care about problems,
If you love me my love.
I’ll go to the edge of the world to meet you,
Give you my heart if you asked me,
If you promised you love me my love.
I’ll go to the edge of the world,
As long as love will fill my days,
I wont care about distance,
If you’ll love me my love.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Doesn’t Wait

I went through my past memories,
How did my life get full of regrets,
Did i set my wishes aside when i should have dreamed?
What went wrong? What did i miss? Did i consciously let my hopes wither away?
I live a life I’m not satisfied with,
I stayed still and watched as my time went by,
Without the will to stop it and find what was really important,
Life goes on but i feel that i missed a step, i didn’t love,
I wouldn’t believe without doubting, i got close to what i wanted a few times before, but i couldn’t feel it,
Was it blurred to me? Or did i just ignore it, taking it for granted, not realising its importance?
I’ve just broke my own wings,
Is the route leading to happiness really blocked for me? Should i simply give up?
Life goes on and i didn’t see it pass, it all went so fast while i was trapped in my mistakes. why did i forget to love?
I just want to live, live for real, It’ll hurt, it’ll be hard, and probably all in vain, but as long as i can dream again i have a reason to keep going,
Even if believing is just a substitute to the hope i lost, and my dreams to far to ever be free,
Is love really out of my reach?
I’ll find the answer, spread my wings and for u learn to fly, to be alive.
Life goes on and i don’t want to miss anymore of it,
I’ll get back my dreams,
No matter how long I’ll have to wait, even if it don’t come to me,
At least I’ll love…

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Live Your Life

Your are an awesome person,
Live your life the way you want it to be,
Don’t let others choose your path,
Even if you gotta go against the way they want you to be,
Just be yourself and promise me you’ll keep smiling,
Even if you end up alone I’ll be on your side,
No matter what kind of day you’re having,
I’ll be by your side, a day in the life,
Happiness has various shapes,
But it doesn’t matter if it’s not special, it doesn’t have to be fancy,
If you share it with special people,
Our friendship is one of the most valuable treasures,
Nurture it, watch it grow, And like a story, go on forever and ever…
I love every bit of you, your smile and even your face when you cry,
You taught me about the precious things that are right beside me,
You are one of them, and i ain’t letting life make me lose you,
The days I used to find boring are fun now,
Your being here broadens my world,
When you’re lonely I’ll fly to you right away,
From now on let’s dream the same dreams, in the same future, I’m giving you my eternal vow,
We’ll be friends forever,
The fact that we’re saying “See you later” instead of “Goodbye” Is proof that we’ll stay connected in the future.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Living Life Fully

Whats important is to hold on tightly to yourself,
Its because we have people to love that we can go on living,
Everyone needs a person who’s more important to them than anyone else,
Who gives them the courage to open the door to a new world,
With more passion than ever,
When i let my pride win,
And hid my weaknesses,
I began to drift,
Not even seeing the things that were right in front of me,
Now i can fly just from the hope in my heart,
Being scared wont change anything,
I cant fit all my worries in my hands,
But i wont walk a path that somebody else has made,
My inability to take a step forward was just running away,
I’ve realised that I’ve been building up a shell and a high wall,
But i want to move forward and break through them,
Because tomorrow is coming,
Now under this starry night I’ll make a promise with u,
Lets grasp that ordinary happiness,
Break our fears and live our dreams.

Friday, July 15, 2011

By Your Side Always

I look back at the days we spent together, all the mistakes i did, And I realize how much is wrong with me…
Unable to tell you how I really feel,
My anxiety cuts through the clear night…
Do you believe in our destiny?
A sure thing that won’t change,
I’ll treasure it more,
Than plain old words,
Because this love is for real,
Close your eyes, I’ll always be by your side.
Believe in your heart,
Look for a light…
Close to you, I’ll stay forever eternally,
And never leave your heart.
I’ll be by your side,
I don’t know what to think anymore,
What am i afraid of, trembling about now?
I don’t know if I can cure that,
What do you think?,
All I know Is that you are my hope,
I want you to believe in this proof that we are alive,
Because for me to love you so much, this love must be for real,
Close your eyes, I’ll always be by your side. Believe in your heart.
Find a light Close to you, I’ll stay forever eternally,
And never leave your heart.
I’ll be by your side,
Close your eyes,
I’ll always be by your side.
Believe in your heart. Look for a light… Close to you, I’ll stay forever eternally, And never leave your heart. I’ll be by your side…always…

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Never Alone

The future is up to you,
Just from the hope in your heart you can fly over any barriers,
The scenery on mornings seem monotonous, Even if life gets hard, don’t give up,
All you can do is not let it get you down,
Somehow the map you got has become a maze,
You’re not alone, You’re not wrong about that at least, Just keep drawing in your route,
Even if your life doesn’t happen to change you’ll still surely plant one seed,
Even the things that get on your nerves a little, you should release, accept.
It’s OK to take a break once in a while, right?,
Even if your feet are cowering,
Listen, you’ll hear it,
Even if the voice that pushes you forward is a little one,
There’s no substitute for its power,
Do what you feel, what you want and just be happy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Everyone surely has darkness,
Sad emotions, sad memories, Hidden deep in their hearts,
And sometimes it gets in the way,
Consuming them slowly,
And makes hard to live the way they want,
A person’s pain cannot be measured,
Which makes sharing it difficult too,
But if you meet someone,
Who you want to face,
Then you don’t want to be afraid,
When you’ve long since lost sight,
Of the key to the door of your heart,
That u have shut to stop pain,
Even ordinary words,
And everyday expressions will do,
Tell me Make me see.
The real you, not covered by anything,
Believing in something that has no shape,
That you can’t see at all Is certainly scary,
But it’s wonderful to be able to do it,
Even in the middle of this gray city,
That seems unable to stay sane,
Don’t just smile helplessly Like you’ve given up,
And say “That’s just the way it is”,
Where is there a person who’s managed to get everything they want without suffering at all?
You have Something I’ve longed for Something I lost and could never find again,
No matter how much I wished for it,
When you’ve lost sight the way to your heart,
Just look for it, this bright light….

Monday, July 11, 2011


Don’t just look forward as u walk away, there might be something important you’ve left behind,
How did u get so far? Did we lose each other on the way?
Turn around and maybe you will see now,
And let the wind of nostalgia cut through the crowd.
Am i still in your heart, now?
We’ve had our misunderstandings, and fights,
But u always stayed by my side,
Even when i walked down a different path, u quietly spurred me on,
How did u get so far now?
I must have lost u on the way,
But you are still in my heart, show me your smile,
On nights when i couldn’t sleep and thought of giving up,
I just thought about u and your words took my doubts away,
No matter how much i want it,
I cant be by your side if u go through a rough time, and might never be,
So i want to at least pray,
That all your words will always be wrapped in smiles,
I love your smile,
I thought i could be by your side forever and make u smile,
But even if we are apart,
We’re all on this same planet,
Looking at the same sky,
Wishing on the same stars,
Giving those days our best shot,
No matter what path we take,
Or where we’ll get at the end,
I just hope that u can show me your smile….


The memories of my time with you grow fainter little by little,
And suddenly it gets so painful i cant breath,
But i need to keep walking,
And keep that time when we smiled branded in my heart,

I always think of you, always wanna see you,
There are wavering emotions in my mixed up heart,
Its painful but i know i cant be with you,
I’ll always remember all we were,
Always remember all you gave me,

I still care about you, you stay in my heart,
One day maybe i can tell u that I’vealways loved you,
I keep searching for a special meeting,
The word fate keeps coming up in my mind,

I used to think that loneliness was normal,
But when i needed to rest, i remember having some1 by my side,
I used to know u so well but now you are just like a drifting memory,
But still i just wanted to be with you,
Just wanted to be the one to shine,
Just wanted you in my arms…

Every time i close my eyes, i see you reflecting through my mind,
As it gently, fleetingly envelop the time i spent with you,
And keep that time when we smiled branded in my heart…