Thursday, July 14, 2011

Never Alone

The future is up to you,
Just from the hope in your heart you can fly over any barriers,
The scenery on mornings seem monotonous, Even if life gets hard, don’t give up,
All you can do is not let it get you down,
Somehow the map you got has become a maze,
You’re not alone, You’re not wrong about that at least, Just keep drawing in your route,
Even if your life doesn’t happen to change you’ll still surely plant one seed,
Even the things that get on your nerves a little, you should release, accept.
It’s OK to take a break once in a while, right?,
Even if your feet are cowering,
Listen, you’ll hear it,
Even if the voice that pushes you forward is a little one,
There’s no substitute for its power,
Do what you feel, what you want and just be happy.

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