Saturday, July 16, 2011

Living Life Fully

Whats important is to hold on tightly to yourself,
Its because we have people to love that we can go on living,
Everyone needs a person who’s more important to them than anyone else,
Who gives them the courage to open the door to a new world,
With more passion than ever,
When i let my pride win,
And hid my weaknesses,
I began to drift,
Not even seeing the things that were right in front of me,
Now i can fly just from the hope in my heart,
Being scared wont change anything,
I cant fit all my worries in my hands,
But i wont walk a path that somebody else has made,
My inability to take a step forward was just running away,
I’ve realised that I’ve been building up a shell and a high wall,
But i want to move forward and break through them,
Because tomorrow is coming,
Now under this starry night I’ll make a promise with u,
Lets grasp that ordinary happiness,
Break our fears and live our dreams.

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