Monday, July 11, 2011


The memories of my time with you grow fainter little by little,
And suddenly it gets so painful i cant breath,
But i need to keep walking,
And keep that time when we smiled branded in my heart,

I always think of you, always wanna see you,
There are wavering emotions in my mixed up heart,
Its painful but i know i cant be with you,
I’ll always remember all we were,
Always remember all you gave me,

I still care about you, you stay in my heart,
One day maybe i can tell u that I’vealways loved you,
I keep searching for a special meeting,
The word fate keeps coming up in my mind,

I used to think that loneliness was normal,
But when i needed to rest, i remember having some1 by my side,
I used to know u so well but now you are just like a drifting memory,
But still i just wanted to be with you,
Just wanted to be the one to shine,
Just wanted you in my arms…

Every time i close my eyes, i see you reflecting through my mind,
As it gently, fleetingly envelop the time i spent with you,
And keep that time when we smiled branded in my heart…

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