Monday, July 11, 2011


Don’t just look forward as u walk away, there might be something important you’ve left behind,
How did u get so far? Did we lose each other on the way?
Turn around and maybe you will see now,
And let the wind of nostalgia cut through the crowd.
Am i still in your heart, now?
We’ve had our misunderstandings, and fights,
But u always stayed by my side,
Even when i walked down a different path, u quietly spurred me on,
How did u get so far now?
I must have lost u on the way,
But you are still in my heart, show me your smile,
On nights when i couldn’t sleep and thought of giving up,
I just thought about u and your words took my doubts away,
No matter how much i want it,
I cant be by your side if u go through a rough time, and might never be,
So i want to at least pray,
That all your words will always be wrapped in smiles,
I love your smile,
I thought i could be by your side forever and make u smile,
But even if we are apart,
We’re all on this same planet,
Looking at the same sky,
Wishing on the same stars,
Giving those days our best shot,
No matter what path we take,
Or where we’ll get at the end,
I just hope that u can show me your smile….

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