Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Doesn’t Wait

I went through my past memories,
How did my life get full of regrets,
Did i set my wishes aside when i should have dreamed?
What went wrong? What did i miss? Did i consciously let my hopes wither away?
I live a life I’m not satisfied with,
I stayed still and watched as my time went by,
Without the will to stop it and find what was really important,
Life goes on but i feel that i missed a step, i didn’t love,
I wouldn’t believe without doubting, i got close to what i wanted a few times before, but i couldn’t feel it,
Was it blurred to me? Or did i just ignore it, taking it for granted, not realising its importance?
I’ve just broke my own wings,
Is the route leading to happiness really blocked for me? Should i simply give up?
Life goes on and i didn’t see it pass, it all went so fast while i was trapped in my mistakes. why did i forget to love?
I just want to live, live for real, It’ll hurt, it’ll be hard, and probably all in vain, but as long as i can dream again i have a reason to keep going,
Even if believing is just a substitute to the hope i lost, and my dreams to far to ever be free,
Is love really out of my reach?
I’ll find the answer, spread my wings and for u learn to fly, to be alive.
Life goes on and i don’t want to miss anymore of it,
I’ll get back my dreams,
No matter how long I’ll have to wait, even if it don’t come to me,
At least I’ll love…

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