Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Everyone surely has darkness,
Sad emotions, sad memories, Hidden deep in their hearts,
And sometimes it gets in the way,
Consuming them slowly,
And makes hard to live the way they want,
A person’s pain cannot be measured,
Which makes sharing it difficult too,
But if you meet someone,
Who you want to face,
Then you don’t want to be afraid,
When you’ve long since lost sight,
Of the key to the door of your heart,
That u have shut to stop pain,
Even ordinary words,
And everyday expressions will do,
Tell me Make me see.
The real you, not covered by anything,
Believing in something that has no shape,
That you can’t see at all Is certainly scary,
But it’s wonderful to be able to do it,
Even in the middle of this gray city,
That seems unable to stay sane,
Don’t just smile helplessly Like you’ve given up,
And say “That’s just the way it is”,
Where is there a person who’s managed to get everything they want without suffering at all?
You have Something I’ve longed for Something I lost and could never find again,
No matter how much I wished for it,
When you’ve lost sight the way to your heart,
Just look for it, this bright light….

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